Since Max Depth Apparel’s inception, I have had one simple mission and vision in mind, that's to get the Blue & Golds into your hands at a reasonable cost, without compromising quality or design . We cater to the Deep Sea Diving community, but are available for all of your needs.

Ask about first time command orders, or first time B&G print discounts, there is no need to get "bent" over the cost of a fantastic Deep Sea shirt.

We NOW offer TWO services.

1. Screen Printing: Unless on the shelves this is a bulk order process. All of our blue shirts and tanks are printed on 100% of the finest damn cotton available, and our brown shirts are printed on a Cotton & Polyester blend (chamber approved). Both fabrics are durable with excellent screen printing durability and longevity, but are as soft and wonderful as mermaid hair. We offer a performance hoodie and shirt in all designs, that promise not to disappoint. 

2. On Demand: Due to excessive, hypervigilant, almost infinite request and subtle messages that scream stalker, we are giving on demand a test run. We use the same shirts as above but due to single print efforts, we unfortunately have to charge slightly more than bulk order screen printing. This does allow us to print your favorite designs when you want them as you want them and still not give up your first born.  Please leave honest and FRANK reviews good bad or ugly we WANT and MUST know how to always be better. 


All designs and screens are completed free of charge at Max Depth Apparel's discretion. All custom clothing items are printed at cost with the understanding that Max Depth Apparel owns the design and rights to resell designs on Max Depth Apparel items at full price for profit. While it is a courtesy to not notify the customer, it is not required. When items are printed for Max Depth Apparel use they will carry the Max Depth Apparel logo on the front left chest logo. The point of reselling the items at full price is so that it brings down the original order cost for first print. This is a win win for both the customer and Max Depth Apparel.

We can and do guarantee screen print item and ink

We cannot guarantee ink for "On Demand" ink as it is a different process and meant to minimize single print costs for the customer. 

If you have any questions complaints or issues let us know, Max Depth Apparel is 100% concerned with 100% customer satisfaction.