About us

Hello. I am Nick Gomez, I am the owner operator of Max Depth Apparel a d graduate of 07-80-2C/DMT!

There has always been two ways of getting your Blue and Gold, allow Max Depth Apparel, to offer a third... slightly easier and more convenient way of getting yours.

At Max Depth Apparel, I will provide you with an ever growing catalog of the classics, new designs, command designs, reunions, or even your first ever Blue and Gold, ready to turn two. Dedicated to providing you quality products with a satisfaction money back guarantee, we are sure you'll be back for all your Deep Sea needs.

Every year I personally GUARANTEE to donate a portion of Max Depth Apparel  proceeds to a Navy Diver Charity AND the Navy Divers Annual Recall fund.  Further, I make it a point to give back to my community in the form of donations and free product because taking care of family will always be priority!

In no way are the products sold, remotely endorsed or even slightly approved by the DOD or any of its entities.  All art is paid for and owned by the owner of this store and not to be duplicated or resold. Please understand that duty sometimes can cause delays, there may be hiccups  while we strive for perfection timeliness, there may be times we fall short, but we will ALWAYS make it better.  

With all the love in the world - Nick-