APRIL 1 - JUNE 1 2020
Max Depth Apparel has always and will always take pride in its ability to help as much as it can when-where it can.  Right now the world is battling a pandemic and as such jobs all over the world have suffered forcing families and people on this planet to worry about their next meal.  For the next two months Max Depth Apparel will donate 100% of net revenue to the San Diego Food Bank where $1 = 5 meals!  This is for the ENTIRE store.  Thats right everything, and all sales (net revenue) until 1 June 2020 will go to feeding those locally.
***Printing and shipping times are adversely affected by the global pandemic. No refunds during this fundraiser can be given for delays in shipping. Max Depth Apparel does however, guarantee you receive 100% of your order. Thank you for your understanding***

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